Puppy Shopping List

Basic items:

1.  Crate - While crate training, your puppy's crate should just be big enough for him to stand up and turn around.  You can accomplish this by purchasing a small crate and buy new crates as your puppy gets bigger, or purchase a large crate for your adult sized dog and use the partition to make the useable area smaller.

2. Collar, harness, and leash - sized for your puppy.  Larger tools will need to be purchased as your puppy grows.

3.  Food and water bowls - We recommend a no-spill water bowl.  

4.  Kong or similar slow feeder system - Before going home, your puppy will be eating kibble twice a day with a kong in the middle of the filled with food and peanut butter.  This is an excellent way to give your pup something to work on and think about.  A good mental exercise.  Check out my instagram highlights for tips on using a Kong.

5.  Good quality food - We feed our adult dogs a grain free kibble and prefer to feed our puppies grain free.  Your food choice is at your discretion, but please do not switch your puppies food "cold turkey".  We will provide you with a sample of the food your puppy is used to for you to mix with any food choices you make.

6.  Toys - Your puppy will love to chew.  Please make sure you have plenty of toys for your puppy to play with to avoid confusion with shoes, valuables, and other such things you would not want your puppy to chew. 

7.  Bed and blanket - What better way to make you pup comfortable in their new crate than a soft bed and warm blanket.

8. Treats - Training treats are a perfect way to teach your new puppy basic commands and fun tricks.  

Other items to consider:

Puppy training course -  We use Puppy culture and Fenrir Perfect Puppy programs.  Puppy Culture has a pet own course as well as Fenrir Perfect Puppy.  Check out these programs and others like them to get a head start on training your puppy.

Clearly Loved Pets playpen - We use a Clearly Loved Pets playpen for our puppies and it has been a game-changer.  

Baby or pet gates -  Keeping your puppy in appropriate areas of your home sets him up for success!  Giving your puppy free range of your home will only serve to give your puppy too much freedom, confuse him, and frustrate you.  Always set your puppy up for success.  Always praise your puppy when he is doing a correct behavior and keep him contained to areas where you can supervise. 

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