Big Thicket's Maverick


Archie is our senior sire.  He is almost 2 years old.  Archie is a Blue Standard Poodle.  He a mama's boy and just an all around playful and happy dude.  He doesn't know he has gotten a bit too big for my lap, and I have yet to tell him (and never will).

Big Thicket's Roenin the Barbarian


Roenin is our middle Pood dude and 5 months old.  Roe is a cream standard poodle.  He is full of fun and energy.  He too is a mama's boy and all legs and elbows right now.  He loves to run and digging is his favorite game. Roenin is a future sire.

Spotlight's Sir William Wallace


Ace is our newest little guy who will one day become one of our sires. He is a beautiful sable colored Standard Poodle and we couldn't be happier to have him join our family!